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Poor maintenance can lead to dangerous accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Truck owners and shipping companies in both Colorado and Illinois are responsible for maintaining their tractors and hauling equipment to a high standard when they use them regularly. The type of rig does not matter when it comes to safety, as all drivers or shipping companies are held liable when their gear is not properly maintained according to DOT standards and results in a truck accident. Commercial trucks are easily the largest common vehicles on the highway, and they can do immense damage when involved in a crash. Maintenance records, or a lack thereof, could both serve as documentation in support of injury claims when truck accident attorneys conduct a thorough investigation.

Braking and steering systems

The first component of truck maintenance should always be the braking system. The ability to stop in a short time frame and maintain a safe following distance is imperative with tractor-trailers. The cargo weight alone is enough to cause an accident when the brake system is compromised, not to mention the weight of the tractor. Steering and suspension system maintenance is vital as well in avoiding truck accidents to ensure proper vehicular control.

Tires and lighting

Many truck collisions occur due to tire blowouts or a wheel working loose during transit. This is actually one of the primary causes of truck mishaps. Tires should be changed out long before the tread life is complete, and being properly illuminated is also essential in order to be easily recognized by both passenger vehicles and other trucks. Some of the most serious accidents on the road are when two trucks collide and leave a path of destruction in the process.

These are just some primary examples of how poor truck maintenance can lead to serious and often catastrophic accidents when drivers and shipping companies fail to keep their rolling stock in optimum condition. Documented evidence of this negligence can also help injured victims when pursuing maximum financial damages.